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Hoober Stand - The shot I wanted (HDR) by Darren Flinders

I've been after a shot like this for a while, I've either been at work when the weather has been good, or it's been too windy or rainy, or gray.
Today was an exception, and I managed to get a shot I had imagined for a while.
I did a 3 shot exposure on my Phantom 3 Standard, used the HDR feature in lightroom, and a few additional tweaks, I am very happy now I have a shot that I have thought about for a long time, a nice feeling of accomplishment.
Hoober Stand is a tourist attraction, one of the Folly buildings in Elsecar, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo. It is located: 9.6 km from Wath-on-Dearne, 14 km from Wombwell, 14 km from Hoyland, 356 km from Birmingham, 710 km from London. Read further
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